NIAC Phase I proposal

We have submitted Phase A of our proposed study for a reconfigurable interplanetary surface return vehicle to the NASA NIAC Phase I solicitation. Looking forward to the feedback.

Executive Summary – 2019 NewSpace Business Plan Competition

Overview:  Phoenix Launch Systems, Inc. (DUNS # 117025293) was founded in January 2019 and is dedicated to developing responsive launch solutions and products for the nanosatellite industry.

What We Offer: Our business strategy relies on three core components – launch services, cubesat hardware and software – which allow us to provide a true turnkey, end-to-end space utilization solution to the problem of high launch prices with long lead times and lack of flexibility for the customer. Our solution is focused on the reusable three-stage Phoenix dedicated nanosatellite launch vehicle and cubesat hardware product line. Continue reading “Executive Summary – 2019 NewSpace Business Plan Competition”

NewSpace Conference 2019 Presentation

We’re back from the NewSpace Conference in Seattle and our pitch in the NewSpace Business Plan Competition. We received a lot of positive feedback and conference attendees had a lot of questions for our CEO over the three day event. Some key aspects of our business model received a “thumbs up” from those in the know, which makes us feel really great about our direction. Below  are most of the slides from our presentation. Please feel free to download the presentation here

Continue reading “NewSpace Conference 2019 Presentation”