Industry Partners


Alaska Aerospace Corporation

“Up in Alaska, we take on challenges with innovation, grit, and resourcefulness.  The same holds true to accessing space.  Since 1991, Alaska Aerospace Corporation has been re-defining how America and the world launches to space.  Responsive, flexible, low-cost, and digitally-connected is why government and commercial customers seek out Alaska Aerospace as their trusted launch partner.  Alaskans are revolutionizing space launch to meet national security, commercial, scientific, and recreational space needs.  Operating one of the world’s most beautiful spaceports, the Pacific Spaceport Complex (PSCA) on Kodiak Island provides year-round orbital access to space.  As one of only four orbital vertical launch sites in the United States, PSCA plays a key role in providing resiliency for US access to space.  PSCA also enjoys the largest launch azimuth range of any spaceport in the US and can access high-inclination, polar, and sun-synchronous orbits between 59° and 110° inclination. “

Operational Support

Leaf Space

Leaf Space provides launch vehicle communications and tracking systems and support. We currently have a MOU with Leaf Space to collaborate on the potential for utilization of their TT&C services in support of our launch campaigns.

Spacecraft systems

Celestial Space Technologies GmbH

Celestial aims to enable cis-lunar communication. This will be realized by deploying a data relay small satellite constellation in lunar orbit, thus aligning with strongly increasing lunar exploration and commercial activities. Celestial’s deep space communication technology will also find applications in high radiation earth orbits and will be commercially available off the shelf for earth focused missions. 


Space Resources Laboratory

Space Resources Laboratory is a space subsystem provider specializing in the production of Small Satellite subsystems. Our products and services include Satellite Integration, Launch Services, Ground Services and Subsystems including CubeSat platforms, PocketQube platforms, Attitude Determination and Control Systems, Power systems for satellites and Telemetry, Tracking and Command (TT&C) systems. 


Utowave is developing technologies to advance the utilization of small satellite technology to benefit life on Earth with an eye toward space. SpaceDust is a planned pico-satellite constellation that will bring seamless connectivity anywhere on earth.