Phoenix Launch Systems, Inc. (DUNS # 117025293) was founded in January 2019 and is dedicated to developing launch solutions and products for the nanosatellite industry.

What We Offer

 Our business strategy relies on three core components (launch services, cubesat hardware and software) which allow us to provide a true turnkey, end-to-end space utilization solution. Realization of our vision relies on successful development of the Phoenix cubesat-class launch vehicle.

The Phoenix nanolaunch system is a three-stage vertical launch vehicle with liquid propulsion in the first two stages and a solid propellant third stage. The design utilizes common propellants in the first two stages and a common engine design with nozzles optimized for altitude in a “plug cluster” aerospike configuration.

Phoenix utilizes a unique hydrogen peroxide-based hypergolic propellant that eliminates the need for a separate ignition system but also is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and the exhaust products are environmentally-friendly. This propellant family was fully developed and hot-fire qualified by Aphelion Orbitals, Inc. and ARES Institute, Inc. in 2018. We further matured the technology into Phoenix Launch Systems’ proprietary propellant mixture.

The first stage is designed to be reusable using boostback, powered descent and vertical landing. Phoenix will be completely mobile and not rely on any fixed infrastructure, launch pad or processing facilities. The vehicle will be able to remain fully fueled for hours to days before launch and launch on short notice (2-3 days) after arrival at the launch site.

Traditional radar-based flight termination becomes a large component of launch cost for nanolaunchers. We are developing an autonomous flight termination system utilizing NASA’s reference AFTU and the Air Force CASS framework. The base hardware design is complete and version 1 of the software is 90% complete. We anticipate a first suborbital flight test of a prototype Rev. 1 first stage propulsion unit in the Second Quarter of 2020.

To expand the flight regime of our propellant technology, we have engaged with ARES Institute, Inc. to fly an experimental “green” cubesat propulsion system on a 1U cubesat. ARES Institute is in possession of a complete (sans solar panels and radio) 1U from Pumpkin, Inc. and has developed flight software based on NASA’s Core Flight System. We are using the open source NASA Operational Simulator for Small Satellites (NOS3) in this effort.

Target Market

 Our launch service provides a number of key competencies: dedicated launch, custom orbital insertion, low cost, and a very short lead time. We target the following use customer types:

  • Commercial customers desiring rapid, guaranteed launch
  • Clients requiring a method of deployment and maintaining large nanosatellite constellations for communications, resource identification, and monitoring
  • Missions demanding specific orbits inaccessible through rideshare
  • Time-sensitive missions which require quick turnaround to launch
  • Spacecraft that need to be powered on and/or monitored real-time before deployment
  • Clients desiring to launch spacecraft with irregular volume and mass envelopes


Phoenix Launch Systems, Inc. pursues an innovative launch service business model:

  • Our launch services are sold in a manner similar to airline ticketing
  • Regularly scheduled launches are provided to defined orbital inclinations
  • 30 days from cubesat acceptance to launch
  • “Gas and go” on-demand capability for dedicated launches on short notice
  • Full up-front price disclosure and guaranteed