Phoenix Launch Systems Selected To Participate in AFWERX Challenge Showcase

Phoenix Launch Systems is pleased to announce that we have been invited to participate in the U.S. Air Force AFWERX Challenge Showcase in September ( This invitation-only program is a high-prestige initiative within the Air Force to identify providers of solutions to the needs and problems within the Air Force and larger DoD community. Participation in the Showcase is an important component of a process leading to contracting and partnership opportunities with the U.S. government and private industry for the invited companies.

AFWERX Challenge

“The U.S. Air Force identifies topic areas and capability gaps that they believe industry can support and partners with AFWERX, the Air Force’s premier innovation program,” according to the AFWERX website describing the program. “Through workshops, crowdsourced campaigns and live events, AFWERX rapidly connects Air Force problems with solution providers in companies of all sizes in the private sector, whether you have previously worked with the government or not.”

“Challenge is where individuals, startups, small businesses, large enterprises, academics and research labs submit solutions to specific challenges to solve problems for the U.S. Air Force (USAF). It’s a growing military/business ecosystem. Most of the challenges are open, seeking to facilitate dialogue and collaboration.”

During the Showcase, participating companies will conduct private meetings with government and industry experts and build relationships within the community. Additionally, everyone is invited to visit the public “tradeshow” portion of the event at which each participating company will have a virtual booth with live discussions, videos and downloadable materials to share. Details of the registration process will be announced by AFWERX in the coming days and, in the meantime, interested persons may learn more about AFWERX Challenge at