Phoenix Launch Systems, Inc. was founded in January 2019 and is dedicated to developing launch solutions and products for the nanosatellite community. Our Flagship service is our Phoenix Nanolaunch System.


Phoenix Launch Systems was founded by the former COO and members of Aphelion Orbitals, Inc. Here is a short slideshow from their November 2018 test campaign to fire the flight-scale green hypergolic engine in Pennsylvania. The chamber/nozzle assembly detached early in the burn, which was expected due to a change in operating parameters (double the Pc) and the engine exhibted stable combustion and thrust throughout.
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Spaceport Azores

@PhoenixLaunch has signed a letter of support and intent to a consortium competing to develop a new spaceport in the Azores. We see this as an ideal location for SSO launches in future years and are excited by the potential.

NIAC Phase I proposal

We have submitted Phase A of our proposed study for a reconfigurable interplanetary surface return vehicle to the NASA NIAC Phase I solicitation. Looking forward to the feedback.